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Your Strategic Advantage In Loyalty Travel Management

Travellers today demand more than just a destination. They seek seamless experiences, personalized rewards, and the peace of mind that comes with exceptional care. Serefin Travel offers a comprehensive suite of solutions crafted to transform your loyalty travel program into a strategic asset.

Travel Rewards:

Boost customer engagement and loyalty with impactful rewards programs.

Travel Booking:

Access a comprehensive travel booking platform with seamless travel arrangements for both B2C and B2B markets.

Care Concierge for Travel:

Provide travellers with peace-of-mind travel by providing access to licensed nurses for health support.

Qualified Agents:

Enhance your travel program with 24/7 assistance from certified & trained travel agents.

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Inspire And Engage Your Customers

Imagine the power of igniting excitement and inspiring your customers. We can incentivize your customers with our curated and compelling rewards programs.

  • Curated Programs:

    Tailor rewards to perfectly align with your business objectives.

  • Aspirational Incentives:

    Inspire customers with the promise of dream vacations.

  • Measurable Results:

    Track program effectiveness and optimize for success.

Empower Seamless Travel Experiences

Make your members' dream vacations a reality with our effortless travel booking platform.
Our extensive inventory and easy booking process make for a smooth journey from start to finish.

Extensive Inventory:

Wide selection of global suppliers and travel products.

Seamless Booking:

Customized, traveller-friendly interface for frictionless travel arrangements.

Global Destinations:

Offering a huge array of choices for the perfect holidays.

Real-Time Availability:

Secure bookings with instant confirmation.

Peace Of Mind For Your Travellers

Offer unparalleled care and peace of mind with our unique Care Concierge program.  This program provides your members access to licensed nurses for pre-travel guidance, in-travel assistance, and post-travel care, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

  • Travel Health Support:

    Guidance and resources for a healthy travel experience.

  • Stand Out:

    Differentiate from the competition with our unique care concierge program.

  • Revenue Potential:

    Source of incremental revenue with every booking.

Exceptional Travel Support

Supercharge your travel program by leveraging our team of certified travel agents.
Provide 24/7 support throughout the customer journey, ensuring exceptional service from trip planning to post-travel assistance.

Round the Clock:

Dedicated agents available anytime, anywhere.

Expert Assistance:

Certified travel professionals for customized travel guidance.

Exceptional Service:

Enhance customer satisfaction with personalized support.

Travel Is In Our DNA

We have over 80 years of travel and loyalty expertise in the senior leadership team with experience from Expedia, WestJet, Bond Brand Loyalty, HRG, Amex, Egencia and  Sabre, to name a few.

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